Grindhouse TrailersAtomic Oasis Productions

These are our grindhouse-style trailers that we have produced as part of the Knoxville Horror Film Festival’s Grindhouse Grindout competition. They would probably have the equivalent of an “R” rating, and they tend to be a bit over the top and gratuitous. Proceed with caution.

Ratchet Poster web


A terrible outbreak has spread across the globe, and only one man can save humanity. This is our entry into the 2014 Grindhouse Grindout.

Dont haze me bro poster web

Don’t Haze Me Bro

Derek Benedict is the victim of a frat-hazing incident gone horribly wrong. The witnesses make a pact to cover up the death, but the secret doesn’t stay hidden for long… This was our trailer for …

Hick Pricks poster web

Hick Pricks

Four rednecks from Kentucky drive down to Tennessee for a camping trip. Danger lurks in the woods around them. This was our trailer for the Grindhouse Grindout competition in 2012.