Short FilmsAtomic Oasis Productions

Short films that we have produced.

temporal things poster web

Temporal Things (Cliffhanger Version)

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Nathan becomes obsessed with figuring out a way to travel back in time and change the past. This film was done as part of the Knoxville Film Fesival’s 7-day …

Freckles Movie Poster (web)


A con-artist’s world is shaken up when he encounters a customer who has had a mysterious dream.

poster 2

Albert’s Trip Home

In 1943, Dr. Albert Hofmann inadvertently discovered the hallucinogenic effects of LSD. This was our entry into the 2015 Knoxville 54 Hour Film Festival. We chose to get experimental with this film and attempt a …

Turning Day Poster web

Turning Day

A group of vampires discuss their first time when they realize one of them has never taken her first. They set out to change that over the course of the night.

Zeroes and Ones Poster web

Z3R035 4ND 0N35

In the year 2054, the Corporatocracy rules with an iron fist. Among the resistance, an unlikely hero rises to turn the tides of battle.

appalachian Holiday poster web

Appalachian Holiday

James takes his girlfriend home to visit his family for the first time on the 4th of July. She wasn’t expecting what happened when they arrived. This was shot in 2012 as part of the …

This Is Not A Game Poster (WEB)

This Is Not a Game

Thomas White has been playing an alternate reality game (ARG) for months. Just when he believes the endgame has been reached, he receives information from a mysterious contact who claims to need his help. Instead …

Right as Rain Poster (Web)

Right as Rain (or The Great Jam Debacle)

A group of gangsters from Chicago meet with some moonshiners from Knoxville to discuss a distribution deal and the situation gets out of hand.