Who Is Jon Porter? Poster

Season 1

“Who is Jon Porter?” is a sci-fi comedy web series about a man who has a bizarre and uncontrollable power: the ability to teleport whenever he uses the restroom. His power hasn’t gone undetected, however. Agents from a secret government organization known as Department 24 have noticed him and are seeking to capture him. He struggles to stay one step ahead of them while navigating a series of increasingly awkward situations.

  • Agent Brown
  • Agent Gabbard
  • Department 24
  • Director Harris (watermarked)
  • Jon and Joseph
  • Jon and Nicole in the bar
  • Jon in the bar (watermarked)
  • Jon Porter
  • Joseph White
  • Nicole in the bar
  • Promotional Still
  • Transmogrification 1
  • Transmogrification 2
  • _JHS9419 fb
  • _JHS9462 fb
  • _JHS9474 fb
  • _JHS9503 fb
  • _JHS9521 fb
  • _JHS9548 fb
  • _JHS9620 fb
  • _JHS9634 fb
  • _JHS9714 fb
  • _JHS9717 fb
  • _JHS9786 fb
  • 13662482_10208292740093963_419434615_o
  • 13901675_10208292740573975_2006460795_o
  • 13918442_10208292740133964_2096050006_o
  • 13918580_10208292740533974_712343785_o
  • Who Is Jon Porter? Poster

Directed by
Gabriel Crutchfield

Based Upon Characters by
Gabriel Crutchfield, Taro Sakamoto, and San Ashitaka

Produced by
Gabriel Crutchfield

Original Music by
Sam Comer

Robby Lewis - Jon Porter
Crystal Braeuner - Nicole
Vania Smrkovski - Man on Phone
Jeff Snell - Man Waiting Outside Bathroom

Additional Bar Patrons
Amy Eakins
Matt Watson
Walter D. Davis

Additional Writing by
San Ashitaka
Jody Lynn

Gabriel Crutchfield

Assistant Editor
Matthew Swindle

Visual Effects
Gabriel Crutchfield
Matthew Swindle

Camera Operators
Gabriel Crutchfield
Jamison Stalsworth
Matthew Swindle

Audio Recorder
Taro Sakamoto

Sound Design
Gabriel Crutchfield

Sound Effects From
Video Copilot and

Post-production Audio
Dylen Terflinger

Boom Operator
Taro Sakamoto

Gabriel Crutchfield
Jamison Stalsworth

Gabriel Crutchfield
Robby Lewis

Website Design
Cody Glenn

Social Media Producer
Jody Lynn

Production Assistant
Taro Sakamoto

Stock Images From
Adobe Stock

Special Thanks
Green's Tavern
Everyone who participated in the 24-hour version of this project
Video Copilot
Anyone else we may have forgotten

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