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Albert’s Trip Home

In 1943, Dr. Albert Hofmann inadvertently discovered the hallucinogenic effects of LSD.

This was our entry into the 2015 Knoxville 54 Hour Film Festival. We chose to get experimental with this film and attempt a few DIY camera tricks that didn’t turn out as we’d hoped. This was also one of our first runs with the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Genre: Historical Fiction

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Directed by
Gabriel Crutchfield
Robert Crossley

Written by
William Martin
Sarah Lister

Dr. Albert Hofmann - Gabriel Crutchfield
Nikola Tesla - Robert Crossley
The Witch - Sarah Lister
The Watch Man - Robert Crossley
Girl on Bench #1 - Sarah Murphy
Girl on Bench #2 - Kayla Ezell
Walking Couple - Rayne Henshaw and Gabriel Crutchfield
Patron - Bill Gossett
Spectators - Sandy Hamill, Donnie Peltz, Michael Rutland, James Tucker, Aiden White

Gabriel Crutchfield

Gabriel Crutchfield
Robert Crossley
Sarah Lister

Music by
Michael Merritt

Boom Operator
James Thomas, Jr.

Production Assistant
Taro Sakamoto

Jody Lynn

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