Freckles Movie Poster (web)


A con-artist’s world is shaken up when he encounters a customer who has had a mysterious dream.

  • Freckles Movie Poster (web)
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Directed by
Gabriel Crutchfield and Amy Eakins

Written by
Sarah Lister

Melvin - Robert Crossley
Lois - Jamie Hickman
Cassie - Kris Walker
Shop Extras - James Thomas, Jr., Penny Harrell, Holly Foley
Dream Extras - Gray Casterline, Ben Lavoie, Holly Foley

Kristi Larkin Havens

Gabriel Crutchfield

Camera Operators
Gabriel Crutchfield, Drew Hornback, Jordan Smyth

Sound Recorder
Taro Sakamoto

Boom Operator
James Thomas, Jr.

Production Assistants
Katie Hall and Gray Casterline

Music and Sound Design
Ben Lavoie

"Dark Blue Moon"
Written and performed by
Michael Merritt

Craft Services
Erin Elizabeth Smith
Joe Minarick
Eric Poulsen

Special Thanks
SAFTA/Firefly Farms
Vania Smrkovski
Rose Meyers
Emily Capettini

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