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Temporal Things (Cliffhanger Version)

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Nathan becomes obsessed with figuring out a way to travel back in time and change the past.

This film was done as part of the Knoxville Film Fesival’s 7-day Shootout competition.

Required elements:
Genre – Cliffhanger
Action – Moving water
Dialogue – Any famous movie line

  • temporal things poster web

Written, Produced, and Directed by
Gabriel Crutchfield

Edited by
Gabriel Crutchfield and Matthew Swindle

Original Music by
Michael Merritt

Nathan - Tony Mendez
Hannah - Amy Eakins
Rick - Robby Lewis

Cinematography by
Gabriel Crutchfield

Camera Operators
Gabriel Crutchfield, Matthew Swindle, and Clayton Scherer

Boom Operator
James Thomas, Jr.

Sound Recorders
Taro Sakamoto and Clayton Scherer

Post-production Audio
Gabriel Crutchfield

Visual Effects by
Gabriel Crutchfield

Taro Sakamoto

Addtional Music
To the Ends - Kevin MacLeod/
QuantumFysicsOrchestra - Video Copilot
Breakup - Sad Piano Based Song - Jonathan Carlile/

Special Thanks
Jamison Stalsworth, Anthony Scalf, Liz Walker, and Latasha Lake

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